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Best Modification Yamaha Mio

Best Modification Yamaha Mio(1)
Best Modification Yamaha Mio(2)
Best Modification Yamaha Mio(3)

Yamaha Mio Girl modifications

Yamaha Mio Girl modifications(1)
Yamaha Mio Girl modifications(2)

Contest motor modifications airbrush, Tommy already was for aliment daily. Not surprisingly, Partner bang-up Motor Sport (MMS) Cimahi, West Java is acclaimed because is alive aback 2003 to compete. And it is common displays of the different and not a FOLLOWER.
Included on the 2007 , Modification Yamaha Mio in the alternative archetypal airbrush modification. "Something new this time and we try to booty the affair of adulation for Indonesia," said Tommy with identical affair amateur like this. With batik motifs on the Yamaha on the challenge some time ago, absolutely unique.
because unique, aback asked Mio Soul Airbrush Batik of the breadth which,
"was attractive for account of what Yogya-Solo batik. The important aftereffect of batik self". But overall, the alternative blush curve that fit calm actual basal anatomy blush is white.
Dimodif including seats participate in a distinct seater that has a acreage that can be accustomed the aforementioned motif. So, the Mio absolutely absolute batik concept.
Besides been a saddle, as able-bodied as body. Step begins with the awning all the accepted Mio Soul modification. "Body Soul afore continued with fiber," says Tommy. How, affix a accepted artificial anatomy with fiber. "Be added arresting because of a apparent accept a connection. It additionally seemed to clean," he added.
As the advanced cover, the admeasurement has become larger, but still arresting proposional. For rim, Tommy implementing a custom archetypal of the car. The reason, appetite to get best footstep width, so the advanced 4 inches advanced and 5 inches aback of the rim accumulated with the default. "Deliberately acclimated to cantankerous the aboriginal Mio not abrogation the aboriginal character," Tommy firm. (Nurfil)
DATA Modifications Yamaha Mio :
Tire front: FDR 120/70-14
Rear tire: FDR 140/80-14
Front rim: Custom 4x14 inches
Pelek back: Custom 5x14 inches
Sock front: G @ zi
Sock background: TF
Headlamp: Mio Soul
Handlebar: Fatbar
Exhaust: Custom

Stylist Modification of Yamaha Mio

Stylist Modification of Yamaha Mio(1)

Modif Full Racing Yamaha Mio Sporty 2011(2)

FRONT SHOCK: Custom, brake discs: Tiara, Tromol: Handmade, BACK SHOCK YSS, rim: Rossi, TIRE: 200/17 Swallow, ORDER: Hole, mask: Honda Beat, aft: Satria FU, Ignition: Rextor Program, OIL COOLER : Custom, Exhaust: AHRS, tank: Custom, Stang: Custom, stabilizer bar: TacoBell, GAS: Magura, AIRBRUSHER & modifier: Thole Concept (Yan Motor)
source : other blogspot in google search engine image.
Stylist Modification of Yamaha Mio(3)


MODIF YAMAHA MIOMODIF YAMAHA MIO EXTREME  Modifications skutik big tire wear is common. However, the size of wheels attached to the Yamaha Mio is 20 inches by 8.5 inches wide it may makes it a bit special. Black rubber with a thin profile dressing wheels...

Yamaha New Vixion white

Yamaha New Vixion white ~ PT Yamaha Motor Kencana Indonesia ( YMKI ) launched a sport variant of the Yamaha V – Ixion white color.  Yamaha R1 variant is inspired by a 1,000 cc engine.
Vixion white
new from yamaha
“White Vixion issued to satisfy consumer desires.  Moreover, the new design makes the V – VIxion ‘s face look more manly and sporty, “said Eko Prabowo, General Manager of Promotion Marketing & PT YMKI, in a written press statement, Wednesday, June 22, 2011.
Color combinations latest Yamaha V- Ixion different from the old color, but still retain the back cover of the black body.  Color difference lies in the tank, wings, or cover the radiator
Choice of colors that follow the basic color of each motor that is white, maroon, and black.
Games color difference between new and old motor looks of striping designs created as the effects of smoke.  The new striping was present in the tank and rear body cover.
“The inspiration of this effect obtained from R1 1000 cc motorcycle that effect appeared on the right and left body side and slightly visible on the tank motors, ” said Eko.
White color that is becoming a trend in the global automotive market is expected to be a driver of Yamaha’s sales in the country.  Not unlike other variants, Yamaha V – Ixion white also cost Rp 21.115 million on the road in Jakarta.

Yamaha Mio Drag Racing Modified

Yamaha Mio Drag Racing Modification

Yamaha Mio Drag Racing Modification

This is a yamaha mio motorcycles in 2007 which is modified into a form that extreme and extreme engine as well. Yamaha mio is modified style drag / racing.

Trend Yamaha Mio Airbrush 2011 - modif Yamaha Mio Soul trend 2011 white Airbrush

modif Yamaha Mio Soul trend 2011 white Airbrush

Yamaha Mio Soul 2011 Airbrush Pictures
Modif trend Yamaha Mio Soul 2011 Airbrush
Body Yamaha the accustomed Mio additionally actually replaced by Mio Soul. Body dasboard anatomy connected with fiber. This appulse on the actualization that motor looks clean. With a custom archetypal of the car to the rim in acclimation to get best clip width.

Specify Modif motor Yamaha Mio Anatomy Airbrush 2011
Front tire: 120/70-14 FDR
Rear tire: 140/80-14 FDR
Front rim: Custom 4 × 14 inches
Rear rim: Custom 5 × 14 inches
Airs next: G @ zi
Sok back: TF
Headlamp: Mio Soul
Handlebar: Fatbar
Exhaust: Custom style

yamaha mio modification

Yamaha Mio Modification

Yamaha Mio (Automatic Motor) Modification The Yamaha Mio is a small moped/scooter with CVT technology made by Yamaha Motor. It was introduced for Southeast Asia market in 2003 after the successor of Yamaha Nouvo. In Malaysia, this model known as Yamaha Ego. Model history [edit]2003 Based on sales performance and also technical studies of the successor Yamaha Nouvo by Yamaha's R&D team, in 2003 Yamaha Motor has successfully developed and marketed Yamaha Mio in Southeast Asia countries and on March 2004, Hong Leong Yamaha (HLY) has introduced this model in Malaysia and rename it as Yamaha Ego[1]. [edit]2006 2006 brought some new changes to the Mio, particularly the name has been revamped and since then it known as Yamaha Mio Soul (except for Malaysian market). Physical change also can be seen in this 2006 model spec, this includes an aggressive facelift by Yamaha team, it features newly design V-shape headlight for better vision range at night and newly body stripes design but the engine specification is still remain the same with 2003 model spec. For safety concern, the taillight also has been re-design with the addition of a retroreflector device. For Malaysian market, HLY again has taken the responsibility to rename this new model as Yamaha Ego S (S for Sport) and also launch it in October 2007. The launch ceremony has taken place at the Sheraton Subang Hotel in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia[2]. [edit]Trivia As 2007, there are some 76,000 Ego customers in Malaysian marketplace[3]. Because this motorcycle is light, compact and easy to handling, it became a suitable commuter vehicle for young workers ladies and also teenage schoolgirls as they used to commute from a place to another. Together with its counterpart the Yamaha Nouvo, the Mio/Ego has rapidly gaining its popularity as a platform for modification and customization (e.g.: racing, airbrushing or audio system) by an enthusiast community especially in Thailand, Malaysia and Philippines. With proper maintenance and regular engine checks, the vehicle can travels all day long with few stops in gas stations to refuel. It has a large feet space for its rider which can be useful to load heavy luggage or any goods onto it. It made the vehicle preferred by some smalls delivering jobs. source:
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new Yamaha Byson vs Honda Megapro

new Yamaha Byson vs Honda Megapro
2010 Yamaha Byson

Agility: Yamaha Byson (9 / 10) vs Honda New megapro (8 / 10)

Honest to this comparison rada ribet, coz ngetest Byson time champion absent in Sentul. But: D what's the point temen kalo in jadiin material can not cheat;) directly ask the same skipper rondo, more agile where New MegaPro - Byson what? Naah the answer is relatively the same with other bloggers Byson more like a V-Ixion and streetfighter motorcycles in general is to center of gravity in the midst of fitting the bike more comfortable bent. While NMP-based Tiger was more comfortable overall but became less agile!

Note: More comfort = less agile, it is already the law of nature
Honda New Megapro 2010

Suply & Stock: Yamaha Byson (8 / 10) vs Honda New megapro (9 / 10)

Okeh, so the issue is already a cliché for Yamaha! Like the case of V-Ixion who indenya mounting due to manufacturer YMKI gempor Menuhin first consumer demand. Conversely AHM are already experience this problem. Even they claim consumers do not need to wait more than 1 month to get this kesayanganya NMP. So for this factor was dominance in disturbed AHM can not sue.

Note: Problems in pivot for V-Ixion ga Maw Maw still menyisakn troma!

Conclusion: Overall rating equal, just rider test by on the road.

This ponten a given make Byson and New Megapro (NMP)

* Display: Yamaha Byson (10/10) vs. Honda New megapro (7 / 10)
* Performance: Yamaha Byson (8 / 10) vs Honda New megapro (9 / 10)
* Ergonomic: Yamaha Byson (8 / 10) vs Honda New megapro (10/10)
* Orientation Allrounder: Yamaha Byson (10/10) vs. Honda New megapro (9 / 10)
* Agility: Yamaha Byson (9 / 10) vs Honda New megapro (8 / 10)
* Suply & Stock: Yamaha Byson (8 / 10) vs Honda New megapro (9 / 10)
* Total: Yamaha Byson (53/60) vs. Honda New Megarpo (53/10)

Buy Byson If: Sporty & Fashionable oriented

Well for those who put forward the sporty and fashionable appearance clearly Byson main choices: D tampilanya modern yet commanding riding position plus a Streetfighter abis would not want to make Byson in pole position for this. But the problem of supply of goods will consequently be the main obstacle that something similar is not a problem for owners and lovers of NMP.
Indeed make the display less total than Byson NMP but at the same ... NMP offers two different sides. That is the motor that has a fierce engine performance but also comfortable enough for daily use;) how come? NMP proof can ya can: D but it was for the stock are also more easily obtained, sayanya NMP view less fierce with Byson.

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Modifikasi Yamaha Byson 2011 Pictures

Modification Yamaha Byson 2011 Pictures

Modifikasi Yamaha Byson - EXTRA HOT SPORT 2011

Yamaha Byson released by Yamaha with many features and parts that really new, everything is themed all-round big. Airs next most big Yamaha claimed seindonesia, fuel tank looks big because the coated kind of 'condom tank' as it applies in moge-moge like CBR Fire Blade, Yamaha FZ1, and R1, Gede Tires, Wheels Gede (width). The following digital modifications yamaha Byson by tekekmeong bro.

Hopefully useful ... yes gannn.

Gambar Modifikasi Yamaha Byson - EXTRA HOT SPORT 2011

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Modifikasi Yamaha Scorpio Terbaru 2011

Motorcycle News and Reviews Modifikasi Motor Yamaha Scorpio - Jap Style Extreme 2011 From modifikasi motor, modified, motorcycle modification. Free online source of Motorcycle videos, pictures, cheap motorcycle insurance, motorcycle insurance, motorcycle insurance quote, motorcycle insurance rates, bmw motorcycle insurance, online motorcycle insurance quote Modifikasi Motor Yamaha Scorpio - Jap Style Extreme 2011 Manufacturer of motorcycles.

a Modifikasi Yamaha Find Motorcyle news.
The latest motorbike. New Modifikasi Motor Yamaha Scorpio - Jap Style Extreme 2011 Below :
Modified Yamaha Scorpio - Jap Style Pictures
Yamaha Scorpio - Jap Style Extreme 2011

Find Street Chopper Magazine articles about choppers and Custom Motorcycles including Harley Davidson, custom motorcycle parts, events, pictures, wallpapers, technical articles and more. Choppers & Custom Motorcycles | Custom Motorcycle Parts, Events & Pictures - Street Chopper Magazine

Modification 2011 Yamaha Scorpio - Jap Style Extreme

Modifikasi Yamaha Byson 2010 2011

Like the guy, it was Modifikasi cute Byson from birth. Just a little touch, looks certain to be made ​​klepek Byson, klepek ... Please see the touch of minimalism that made ​​Lent Automidified (LA) from Probolinggo, East Java.

Byson success so appear more oks. "Rombakannya deliberately minimalist. Because, basically already have tongkrongan already cool. Once again, quite a few more parts that must be emphasized. Yes, that really impressed Yamaha Byson sangar like animal called itself," said Adhi Wicaksono, skipper LA.

The first target tank. The system is very easy standard condoms. Made the cover of the tank as desired. "It's just imitate the position holder and the bolt holes fit on the cover of the standard tank.
Next think about the form design. And the new tank cover was intentionally dimension side a little dikembungkan each be larger approximately 2.5 cm to the right and left, "beber brother lives in Jl. Raya Soekarno-Hatta No. 93, Probolinggo.

Work continued into the sector. Modifikasi yamaha Byson not equipped with a standard cover engine cover. Then Siwe, her nickname initiative to make the bottom of the engine cover. Cover made ​​from fiberglass and resin key is to provide a meaningful contribution on this bike. Swing arm also received a touch. Simply use the condom so it looks more sturdy. Oh yes, this body kit series also seems to have ready for the market. Prices and all that stuff, still do not know. His name is also new intention!

yamaha byson must be added sip if seats are also subject to the touch. How, instead of coating color harmony of the various color options offered MBTech
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Mercedes Benz ml63 Amg Wallpapers

mercedes benz ml63 amg
mercedes benz ml63 amg
mercedes benz ml63 amg
mercedes benz ml63 amg
mercedes benz ml63 amg wallpapers
mercedes benz ml63 amg wallpapers
mercedes benz ml63 amg
mercedes benz ml63 amg
mercedes benz ml63 amg pictures
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2010 New Honda Tiger Modified Bike Touring Pictures

2010 New Honda Tiger Modified Bike Touring Pictures
Modifikasi Motor Honda Tiger Gaya Bike Touring
honda tiger 2000, honda honda, honda company, motor bike, suzuki, More over about Honda tiger which is now have lower interest for Indonesian people. the lower interest is caused by the engine which is not developed by Honda company. the engine is still the same with Honda tiger which is launch firstly in 90th. the picture above is the modification of Honda tiger motor bike which is looked like Suzuki thunder modification. it is the true male motor bike from honda.
Modifications 2010 New Honda Tiger Revo Bike Touring
tank weapon, honda, tiger, motor bike, perang,
It is the modification of Honda tiger which is modified as an extreme rider. full of art and extremely complicated. can you determine what is the concept of this motor bike. by watching the back of the motor bike which is looked like tank weapon which usually used in the war. It is looked like my friend Honda tiger which is not modified. improvement machine, ahm, moge, speed range, performance improvement, business machines, similarity, chassis, urban areas, sprint, tiger, For business machines, and sasis is not changed. But there are positive things that can be taken here. 2000 Tiger Sasis you a quite evident, especially for use in the urban areas. Although the engine is not known Tiger is so fast and tend to slow, but for use in the city with a speed range of 60 – 80 km / hour guaranteed engine design the early 90an this is still quite adequate. Moreover, given the similarity in the basic design with the 2000 Tiger chassis both machines and make consumers and mechanical AHM is not difficult to replace parts or repair Tiger REVO.
Notes that can be used as is, AHM make motor with enough wonderful at once to cover the performance of the engine a bit less. Goods times AHM deduce from MOGE. Because MOGE generally have a great look and authoritative, MOGE not need to sprint or drag to indicate performance, just enough to be able to view only the performance of the MOGE is. On the basis of thought AHM feel this is enough only change the outside appearance Tiger REVO and ignore the technology and performance improvement machine.

Modifikasi Honda Tiger Streetfighter 2010

Modifikasi Honda Tiger Streetfighter Pictures

Modif Honda Tiger Streetfighter 2010

Streetfighter-style modifications are now beginning penetrated into various areas. Like the 2002 Honda Tiger’s home Nurullah Irwandi Dumai, Riau, Sumatra, the figure was changed to “Robofighter Style”. Modifications done Custom Suswanto from Billy, who was known as the adherents of West Java Style or WJS.

There was no extreme changes in the body, except the fuel tanks because it follows the line of the rear traction a little tapering. Uniquely, the speedometer inserted at the end of the tank (near the handlebars).

Wanto-familiar call-adherent Suwanto strong and quite diligent streetfighter experiment. Besides pure style combines European, sometimes spiced modification own ideas. As with Tiger, he was admitted following the Ducati streetfighter designs drawn on the base form.

From his work, the curves and the composition of the elbow once firmly in most of the body, while the style WJS by making the center more solid and sustained bloom. As part of the tank, added underneath the wings so impressed gambot, but with a smaller rear. All the changes to the body using galvanized plate material.

To be more appropriate composition, the rear chassis rebuild the 22.5 mm pipe used as a new framework. Original framework is still in use, according to Wanto, only the center part of the backbone. Muscular impression DELTABOX supported applications, plus packets a swing arm, including the front shock absorbers. To the rear, he put Suzuki Satria shock absorbers.


honda tiger modif moge
Custom Bike Contezt 2011 (KBC), which coincided with dihajat Jogja Bike Rendezvous 2011 has the feel of a typical builder-builder on board. Naturally so, considering that motors must contestant he engine capacity of 350cc.

In addition, the international quality was as a compulsory menu. Honda tiger modif moge The reason, KBC has brought the jury the master of American Art Hall (Quick Throttle) and Edi Red Garage from Malaysia. While the modification of Indonesia which is also represented dedengkot elders Retro Classic Cycle (RCC) Lulut Wahyudi.

"I admit that Indonesia builder builder is better than Malaysia and Thailand. Custom Bike Contezt For this I was amazed at all and this is the 'Contezt is the Real Contezt' good from the way the judging and the quality of participants. Yes, better lah, "said Edi Red Garage.

Similar phrased Art Hall. According to him, the aspects of design and finishes modifier of Indonesia has been very good. "In Asia a new level this time I see the participants and the judging system is fair. honda tiger modif moge The builder dare to show his work in the middle of the visitors. They also dared to test the feasibility function, "he said.

Meanwhile, described Lulut KBC implemented several important points that unlawful assessment violated the participants. Call it, the provisions of the engine must be active, either when stationary or walking.

"I want to make modifications to how the contest could be educational and entertaining material. Scruutinering in the building and motor shows to visitors must be experienced participants, "said Lulut.

At KBC committee set five classes, namely Chopper, Pro Street, Vintage Classic HD, HD Custom Stock, and Stock Custom Non-HD. A total of 50 participants declared to register, although the committee and then just pass the 27 participants with additional 3 motorcycles as participants in exhibitions.

"The committee was forced to disqualify participants who do not obey the rules of the game. honda tiger modif moge Most of them arrived late from the time we set, "said Lulut.

Honda Tiger Naked - Modifikasi Gaya Telanjang

modifikasi motor tiger, honda tiger, motor tiger, modifikasi tger

The next modification of hoda tiger, You may have not seen this modification. if you visit the technician then your motor bike will be modified into what you want. and in the middle process of modification your motor bike will be designed in naked style. Or if you have just got an accident, you honda tiger will be redesigned. Ready your motorcycle. Do not go into a battle with a defective sword. Thus, inspect first your motorcycle. Are the parts in good riding condition? If there are parts that need to be replaced, replace it. If there are those that need to be fixed, then fix it first. If these parts are overlooked, they will not only spoil your ride but spoil your life as well.This is just a simple tips for you for not to get involved with honda tiger

White Futuristic - Modifikasi Motor Honda Tiger 2009

modifikasi honda tiger putih, modifikasi honda tiger keren, modifikasi honda tiger keren banget, modifikasi honda tiger mantaf

Look at this futuristic modification of honda tiger. It look so wonderfull is not it? you can save by accident if you drive it in savety. Wear your protection. Helmet, jacket/vest, gloves, pants and footwear must not be neglected. If you want total protection then, do not dare neglect any of these gears. Be conspicuous. Try to use motorcycle parts and gears that reflect or emit lights. This will help you become obvious to other motorcyclists.You do not know which body part will be hit. Most accidents happen because the road is a blurry du to rain or snow. Moreover, the use of neon colors can very well help. You do not even know if there will be a fatal crash just after mounting on your bike so you must protect everything from your head to your toe! The simple tips above i hope can protect you from the accident :)

Futuristic Sylver New Honda Tiger 2009

  honda tiger, modifikasi honda tiger, modifikasi motor tiger, motor tiger 2009

Wowww, its wonderfull, it look so futuristic and i like it so much. It look so strong, and if your ride it weel you will not get an accident. Honda Tiger is allways save if you ride it well. Avoid riding during nighttime. It's hard to see other motorists at night this is especially true when there are lesser lights used. Aside from conspicuity another possible problem that may arise during nightime are the drunken drivers who are mostly coming from bar hopping spree or teenagers having their weekly night-out. Ride you Own Ride. You do not have to impress others. Know your limits and always remember safety more than anything else! Live yor life and enjoy your ride to safety!Dont You like the new honda silver style? i Like it :)

Futuristic Violet Honda Tiger Modification.

 modifikasi honda tiger ungu, otocontest honda tiger, kontes modifikasi honda tiger, gambar honda tiger
Mobility has traditionally been the greatest obstacle for people with a physical disability. Having this Honda Tiger Motor Bike Will help you to move from one place to another place. The days of being limited to an electric wheelchair have come to an end. Modifiying the wheel chair of honda tiger is an optional. A British company has been working to develop a motorcycle for people with physical disabilities, and the results are nothing short of outstanding.

The manufacturer, Martin Conquest Ltd., has developed a motorcycle that is designed to driven from the rider's wheelchair. Alan Martin, the creator of the aptly named Conquest, spent a number of years in research and development of this amazing motorcycle. He came up with the idea after his young son became physically disabled following an accident. Do you like The Wheel chair of this honda tiger? i Like it so much ;)

Modifikasi Motor Honda Tiger

Top Of The Best Modifikasi Honda Tiger Gaya Moto GP

modifikasi honda tiger, modifikasi tiger, motor tiger, motor honda tiger, Honda Tiger Gaya GP, Modifikasi Keren

This is one of the best modification of honda tiger based on my review, i like the style and i like the engine too, but the color do not catch my eyes. i like the black, the blue and the red one. It is important to use the search functions to their maximum capability when you are looking for an item within the eBay motorcycle section. But the appearance is really sporty. The more information you can put into your search terms the more likely you are to get the exact result that you want from the eBay motorcycle listings. The front lamp is also designed well. For example, if you are looking for a red Honda VFR you will get the most accurate results if you search for "red Honda VFR 750 2000" rather than simply entering "Honda VFR" which may well give you a listing including decals, spare seats, owners manuals and other items for every Honda VFR that has ever been built. The sadle is also Good. I love this Honda Tiger :)


Modifikasi Motor Suzuki Smash

Modifikasi Motor Suzuki Smash

Modifikasi Motor Suzuki Smash 110 Full Kuning Chrome Ceper

uragan modifikasi motor punya modifikasi baru buat produk suzuki ini smash di modif jadi custom modifikasi motor suzuki smash 110 kuning krom simple.
Modifikasi motor to be called the modifikasi motor suzuki smash kuning krom when it reaches modifikasi suzuki  contest, the seat is ceper to be based around the same suzuki smash ceper chrome as the second-generation modif motor ceper and the suzuki motorcycle, both of which use a short-wheel version of the ceper motor  platform.

Foto006 Modifikasi Motor Suzuki Smash 110 Full Kuning Chrome Ceper
Motor Suzuki Smash 110 Modifikasi Ceper Kuning Chrome Penuh

modifikasi motor buat uragan Punya Produk Baru modifikasi suzuki smash di modif Suami Jadi kustom modifikasi motor suzuki smash 110 krom kuning sederhana.
Motor Modifikasi untuk disebut modifikasi motor suzuki smash kuning krom saat mencapai kontes suzuki modifikasi, tempat duduk ini Ceper harus didasarkan sekitar chrome suzuki smash Ceper sama seperti motor modif Ceper generasi kedua dan sepeda motor suzuki, keduanya yang menggunakan versi pendek-roda dari platform motor Ceper.

Modifikasi Motor Suzuki Satria FU 2010

Modifikasi Motor Suzuki Satria FU 2010

Modifikasi Motor Suzuki Satria FU 2010

Modifikasi Motor Suzuki Satria FU 2010. This modification that contain many future and elegant part. A quick look, it is absolutely addition who see motorcycle suzuki satria 150 said this would actualize a motor racing, motorcycle annoyance race, motor racing. Powerful Simplicity, it adopted the abstraction of this bike. With a simple architecture but has a abundant power, "said Ahmad Fauzi, the assistant Satria F150, to abutment his style, assorted apparatus of after-market articles and added motorcycle brands on the anatomy allotment adapt from this Satria F150. Nih reportedly activity to the motor antagonism activity afresh on the clue ambit of Sentul Bogor.